• Marshall Epie

The Truth vs Belief

With all the fake news going around, how can one know the truth? After all it has been written that the truth shall save you. But what is the truth? That is the question. The people are divided with so many different versions that its confusing. There are wolves in sheep's clothing everywhere. 😅 Let me help. I must first advise you that the truth is the opposite of belief. Belief is clouding your search for the truth. Because once you believe a lie, you stop searching for the truth because you mistake the lie as the truth. Once you hear the truth you will know it is the truth because it will resonate with everyone, NOT just you. It will be clear and simple to understand. The truth may pierce your beliefs but it will heal your heart and crush all fear! This is the power of the truth. 😊 There are only 4 truths...

In my search for the truth, I came across many individuals who claimed to know the truth. Each with a different version of it. However almost all of their truths were based on beliefs. Beliefs so deeply embedded into their system that, any attempt to question such so called truths would erupt into anger and sometimes even violence. Have you noticed that people can be extremely protective of their beliefs. Its almost as if they are prepared to die for it. Worst still, if their beliefs are of a religious nature and you question them, you can be immediately branded as the devil or satan or whatever name constitutes their worst evil. This then can and usually condone their violence against you, and sometimes even your execution. 😥 For most, their beliefs influence their way of life. Because of this, they actually experience and interpret life in a way that justifies their beliefs. A good example of this is "The Law of Attraction" . A theory that states that you attract into your life what you believe and think about most of the time. Documented in the one time best selling book "The Secret" became very popular at the turn of the century, and is practiced almost as a religion by new age thinkers. Similarly many christians claim to have met their lord when he appeared to them, and or answered their prayers. So one thing is for sure, everyone has their own version of the truth that they believe in. However this is not the truth I am talking about. 😇 The 4 truths I talk of as you will see is TRUE FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ! These truths encompass all realities: The Physical and the non physical, the spiritual and non spiritual and the entire universe ....

Knowing such divine truths is not enough. It is a life time study and practice. Each truth is like a tool you can use to decipher all fact from fiction and individual from global perceptions. Although simple in nature, the first truth is hard to accept because it cannot easily be verified. Only one who knows and practices the second truth has the power to confirm the first truth. However the power of the first truth is that it conquers the ultimate fear. Fear of Death! And so the first truth is simply. ☝🏽1- 'You exist and always will exist in some shape or form.' 🙂



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